Snoop Dogg’s Reggae Career Baffled Dr. Dre

By Rob Markman

Before we knew him as Snoop Dogg, the superstar, young Calvin Broadus was Dr. Dre’s young gun rapping on the unforgettable “Deep Cover.” Snoop has since crafted a hell of a career for himself and as he takes his next step as reggae artist Snoop Lion, one can’t help but think, what does Dre think?

On Monday, Snoop gathered friends, family and media folks to announce his new project, produced by Diplo and Major Lazer, and he also spoke at length about his evolution from a murderous MC to the more enlightened Snoop Lion. Gone are songs like “Murder Was the Case”; now Snoop is bringing peace with “No Guns Allowed.” It’s a different Snoop than the world is used to seeing, and even longtime friend and mentor Dr. Dredidn’t know what to think at first.