J. Cole Samples Jay And ‘Ye’s ‘Lift Off’ On ‘The Cure’

After taking a three month-plus hiatus from Twitter (where he still managed to gain a million new followers), J. Cole got on stage in NYC this week and previewed a verse from a new track “Chaining Day” and addressed his absence from the web. Then he decided to follow that up with “The Cure,” over a sample of the Throne’s “Lift Off.”

“Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to a brand new season,” he introduces the track. “So much has happened in our time a part, I cant wait to share it with you all in due time. Did you miss me? I know I missed you.”

If you were wondering why you haven’t heard much from the Roc Nation rapper over the past few weeks, he had a pretty simple explanation: “I ain’t drop nothing in a while because I feel like we in this digital age where sh– moves so fast,” he said. “N—-s got songs every week, you can’t even keep up with this sh–.”

No worries though, according to the latest update on his Twitter account there’s plenty more on the way. “Welcome, we spent many late nights like this, with a lot more to come.”