Made U Look: Chris Brown’s Mansion In The Hollywood Hills

By Dionne Buxton

Every king needs a castle, and Chris Brown decided to throw down $1.5 million for his new, royal spread in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. His new bachelor pad is just a few miles down the road from his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but he won’t be taking a stroll down memory lane anytime soon, as Ri-Ri recently put her $4.5 million house on the market.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is equipped with all the necessities that will enable Breezy’s lavish lifestyle. It’s laced with an elevator, two-car garage, modern kitchen, two-story living room with a killer view, and a massive swimming pool. If those things didn’t sell him immediately, then it was probably the huge Jacuzzi that lights up with the flick of a switch.

Sitting high above Hollywood, Chris shouldn’t have any problem with his neighbors at this crib. According to Radar, his previous neighbors weren’t too keen on his “loud” lifestyle, and Brown wasn’t very happy with the thousands of dollars in tickets he racked up, since his pad only offered handicap parking. His $200,000 custom Lamborghini Gallardo will most likely enjoy its new home.

Brown deserves this splurge after such a successful year. His F.A.M.E album debuted at #1 in March, selling nearly 300,000 copies in the first week. And we can’t forget his memorable performance at the recent, American Music Awards.

(Photo Credit:David Buchan/RedThinkMedia via The Daily)