Made U Look: Jay-Z Wears Occupy Wall Street Shirt At MSG

By Carly Kilroy

Jay-Z and Kayne West wrapped up the second show in their Watch the Throne concert series at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night (November 8). As usual, the duo impressed the audience with their high-energy performances, but it wasn’t just their gripping lyrics that had the audience all fired up. Jay decided to spotlight the Occupy Wall Street protests by donning a t-shirt that ready “OCCUPY WALL STREET(S)” Supporters of the movement—including Russell Simmons—were overwhelmingly pleased by Hov’s wardrobe decision.

“Jay-Z just took #OccupyWallStreet to a whole new level. Wowowowowowoow,” Simmons tweeted. Simmons and Jay aren’t the only big names in hip-hop who have showed support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Kayne West made sure everyone knew he was serious about supporting the protests when he made a trip down to Zuccotti Park in New York City, with Simmons in early October. Ye knew that his presence alone a big deal, so he remained low key during the visit. Talib Kweli on the other hand was spotted at the park chatting up protesters, participating in chants and even performing some of his songs for the crowd. They may have their own way of doing it, but these rappers are all showing the same wealth of support that Occupy Wall Street needs to stay strong.