Fans React To Watch The Throne’s ‘No Church In The Wild’


Watch the Throne fans have shown the amazing power of social networking with the fast moving forum Twitter showing real time results on which of the album’s cuts are being discussed the most. With several of the songs trending globally, an early standout in the WTT discussion is the album’s opening track “No Church In The Wild.”

With production spearheaded by 88 Keys, the track begins with sparse drums and subdued guitars ahead of Frank Ocean’s capable tenor questioning in song, “What’s a god to a non-believer” coupled with keyboard stabs in trademark Kanye fashion. Jay-Z launches into his verse with, “Tears on the mausoleum floor/Blood stains the coliseum doors/Lies on the lips of a priest/Thanksgiving disguised as a feast.”

Check out the photos of Jay & Kanye recording Watch the Throne.

After Ocean’s hook, Kanye offers an abstract yet visual verse that reads, “Coke on her black skin made a stripe like a zebra/I call that jungle fever/You will not control the threesome/Just roll the weed up until I get me some” – with both MCs detailing scenarios of a struggle with morality.

Twitter fan @Benavito has been giving the track the rewind all day, according to his tweet that read, “It may take a while for me to finish listening to Watch The Throne, I’m still hooked on ‘No Church in the Wild’… Damn.” User @soundsavvy pondered aloud, “”No Church In The Wild” is completely metaphoric, but I think a lot of folks will miss it. Hell, not even sure I totally get it.”

An unimpressed @DocZeus added criticism of the song and album as a whole. The best moments of Watch Throne is “New Day” and the first fifteen seconds of “No Church In The Wild.” Everything else is laughable,” tweeted the user.

The growing consensus on Twitter regarding the track is that many fans consider it the strongest track on the album. As fans have time to sit with Watch The Throne and repeated listens, time will tell if that sentiment will hold.

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