Lil B Offers New ‘I’m Gay’ Album For Free

Although Lil B’s latest album I’m Gay was embroiled in a bit of controversy earlier this year over its attention-nabbing title, it appears that The Based God kept true to his freewheeling image and scattered his topics broadly on his latest release. After surprising his large Twitter following with an iTunes link to the album on Wednesday (June 29), the next day Lil B tweeted a link where fans could download his album for free.

The rapper known as Lil Boss tweeted Thursday evening, “CUZ I LOVE YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE 10 DOLLERS TO BUY MY NEW PROJECT HERE IT GOES FOR FREE- Lil B” – in his customary all caps tweeting style with his signature at the end. A quick listen to the latest album reveals a bit of the diverse personality that is Lil B as the Berkeley native raps over soulful loops and addressing societal ills – although many fans regard the rapper for his nonsensical “based” freestyle raps.

Still, Lil B’s direction on the newest album is commendable for its attempt at seriousness.

While the heavy subject matter present on I’m Gay isn’t new ground for the Pack rapper as some of his true fans have known, many listeners will be taken for a loop expecting the crass Lil B in where he gained his infamous notoriety. Lil B has a great deal of material to sift through, many of which he has given away for free online. The rapper has also dropped five previous albums, some for retail. Yet, his bread and butter remain his prolific YouTube videos and Twitter presence along with various freebie downloadable mixtapes.

Lil B has suffered criticism from fans and fellow rappers alike for the controversial naming of his album. Although he explained the impetus of his album’s title as a way to reform the negative connotations of the word, he did not address homosexuality outright on the new record.

Lupe Fiasco, also a center of controversy lately as well, gave a nod to Lil B for his latest work on his official blog by praising Lil B’s, “absolute lack of fear when it comes to challenging the status quo.” In Lupe’s lengthy blog entry he goes on to admit that while some of B’s earlier work was tough to swallow, the maturity exhibited on I’m Gay impressed him.

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